TeachTown Social Skills Testimonials and Success Stories
Teacher Testimonials
TeachTown Social Skills is ideal for students with special needs, autism and emotional and social development needs while also greatly benefitting all students within a classroom or school. Special education teachers are thrilled with the social skills program in the classroom while general education teachers enjoy targeting social skills that all students need.
"As a former Special Education Teacher I spent a great deal of time trying to communicate with my students the importance of Social Skills. The TeachTown products not only accomplish this, but they do it better! The interactive materials are designed to not only entertain students, but engage them on important lessons. I am excited to share this product with teachers!"
- Stephanie Day - 2010 Washington DC Teacher of the Year
"I wish you could have seen how engaged all my students were . . .they ask daily for TeachTown time!"
- Marlene Strock - 2007 North Dakota Teacher of the Year
"This is a tremendous program!"
- Robert Stephenson - 2009-2010 Michigan Teacher of the Year
"I feel a great job has been done targeting areas of social skill weaknesses in the target population."
- Cathy Webb - 2010 Virginia Teacher of the Year
"I think that Social Skills are one of the most important things we as educators teach. This is a great way to get children to learn and understand how their behavior affects the whole class."
- Kristen, Teacher - Los Angeles, CA
"The animation was engaging and useful because students loved the characters."
- Tracey, Teacher - Los Angeles, CA
"The kids wanted to see the episodes again and again. . .they couldn't get enough of it. The cartoon is one of the key points in making this successful because my students tend to lose focus unless it's animation."
- Kris, Teacher - Los Angeles, CA
"We loved the animation, and the ideas behind the TeachTown lessons are great!"
- Rachel, Teacher - Los Angeles, CA