Webinar Coaching
The webinar format provides you with a choice of how best to structure your school district’s coaching. Specifically, the trainers can work with individual faculty of staff members to provide support and constructive feedback, based on their specific classrooms and students, or the coaching can be conducted with groups of up to 6 faculty or staff members who share the same needs, questions, or implementation parameters.

Similar to on-site coaching, webinar coaching provides an interactive method of supporting teachers in their successful implementation of our curriculums. During the web-based conference, the trainer will lead participants through data reports, discuss strengths and areas of need in terms of student progress and program use, and address the same specific topics targeted in on-site coaching. For school district utilizing webinar coaching, we make the same timeline recommendations as with on-site coaching. That is, coaching is typically most effective when initial sessions are implemented after teachers have been trained and begun implementing the curriculum with follow-up coaching sessions every 3-4 months. Participants are able to access the webinars from any computer via the Internet and can call into the audio portion using a toll-free conference line.

Just as with the on-site coaching, webinar coaching sessions will equip teachers to move beyond simple implementation of our products to a more purposeful application of all of the curriculum components with one clear goal in mind: enhancing student learning and progress exponentially.