TeachTown On-Site Training
As part of the on-site training package, the TeachTown trainer will travel to your school district and conduct a 6-hour training for up to 30 staff and/or faculty members. During this training, the trainer will teach all of the content and skill sets indicated above, model their application in the individual curriculums, and provide all participants with the opportunity to explore the content and practice the skills themselves, so they are ready to implement the curriculums in their classroom the very next day.

This training can be designed to address TeachTown Basics, TeachTown Social Skills, or both and can be individualized to address issues specific to your school district, such as student populations, scheduling of program use, and specific implementation parameters set forth by administrators.

Overview of the Training Agenda that can be customized to meet the needs of your individual district.

  1. Introduction to TeachTown, including TeachTown Basics and/or the TeachTown Social Skills program. Participants will become familiar with TeachTown and the Basics Program that is based on the principals and methodologies of Applied Behavioral Analysis. Topics include program navigation, creating Facilitator and Student Accounts, customizing the program to meet a student’s individual needs, selecting lessons based on needs of student and IEP Goals and utilizing the many reports available to drive instruction and monitor usage and student progress.

  2. Data Driven Instruction. Participants learn how to effectively use the TeachTown Basics data that is automatically collected during each student session and TeachTown Social Skills data that is collected using the TeachTown Social Skills app. Topics include: using the reports to guide instruction, selecting lessons based on student progress and IEP goals, and understanding raw and summary data.

  3. Effective Use of TeachTown Basics Generalization Lessons and Social Skills Lessons. TeachTown Basics takes a combined approach of utilizing on computer lessons and generalization lessons. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize and implement the Lessons provided to ensure students can generalize the concepts learned on the computer. TeachTown Social Skills offers a wide range of classroom-based lessons that each target a specific social skill and can be implemented in any order based on the individual needs of your student(s). Selection and scheduling of the lessons, different ways to implement (ie. individual, small group, whole group, home), and how to modify (remediate and accelerate) all lessons to meet the needs of students with a wide range of abilities are all reviewed in group activity format.

Our TeachTown Professional Development staff has developed comprehensive training sessions that offer the tools necessary to implement TeachTown products with success. We strive to continually improve these training resources, both in the content we deliver during training, as well as the documentation we provide based on evolving educational strategies, student and program needs, and feedback we receive through communication with our fidelity services. Each training session is unique to the needs of our clients. We work with you and your team to evaluate progress and create goals for your individual programs. Most importantly, effective integration of TeachTown Basics and the TeachTown Social Skills program requires that we have an understanding of the environment, the students, and the instructional practices that are being used in the classrooms. This understanding allows us to help you integrate TeachTown Basics and the TeachTown Social Skills program into daily schedules with fidelity and engagement. Our teams partner together as a shared event when communicating with your team through implementations, evaluations, and webinars.