TeachTown Basics Generalization Lessons
Individualized Instruction
Software alone is not enough and TeachTown Basics is a complete program. We don’t believe in “teacher in a box.” Generalization activities are a fundamental part of the program and of any ABA therapy. Such activities are necessary for students to demonstrate acquired skills in a different educational setting.

Our program offers 300 generalization lessons that are clearly and explicitly written, making the lessons easy to implement for educators, para-educators, and caregivers. The curriculum for the generalization lessons includes the same 6 learning domains and 5 levels as the computer curriculum, and each activity is linked to one or more lessons in the TeachTown Basics software.
There are numerous opportunities for individualizing the generalization lessons. A sliding ability curriculum map within each activity makes it easy to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels:

  • Make it Easy: Provides a modified learning objective or additional prompting to make the lesson easier.
  • Make it Hard: Increases the difficulty level of the learning objective, promoting expressive language and skill independence.
  • Make it Fun: Further promotes generalization by including fun, engaging, and interactive components to the lesson.
  • Make it Meaningful: Provides suggestions on how to make the lesson more meaningful for the student, promoting generalization in other environments and across multiple individuals.
  • Related Activities: Suggests other activities that further address the learning objective and similar related skills.