TeachTown Basics Evidence of Effectiveness
Stakeholders have a vested interest in knowing that the educational programs proposed to impact the lives of children with autism and special needs are based, as far as possible, on evidence, so that the resources available to fund these programs are used in the most efficient and effective way possible. Surprisingly, there is little known about the impact of any curricula on the outcomes of students with special needs. Evaluation studies drawing on multiple methodologies and meeting scientific standards can provide that information. TeachTown® is committed to actively participate in high-quality research on its programs that address not only the question of what works, but also the question for whom it is effective, as well as what factors moderate program effectiveness.

Click on the studies below to learn more about the meaningful educational gains students using TeachTown Basics were able to achieve.

Los Angeles USD, CA Study
Killeen ISD, TX Study
Anson, NC Study
Madison, AZ Study
Groden Center Day Program
Systemwide Data

To download a copy of TeachTown Evidence of Effectiveness report, please click here.