TeachTown Basics Testimonials and Success Stories
TeachTown Basics is a hit in the classroom with special education teachers and students. With motivating characters for students and organized tools for teachers, Basics is a clear benefit for everyone.

"Both of my sons with autism love TeachTown! I don't think they even realize that they are doing work because they are having so much fun."
- Jenny Maloni - Parent
"My student was using the program at home and his mother was absolutely thrilled. We saw so much progress with him in his academics, but also in his behavior. He likes to work. He was excited, he was happy. Once I saw that, I knew I needed this with all of my students. He was benefitting so much, I wanted to see everybody else benefit. I was able then to start using the program with all of my students. I saw varying degrees of success, but success with everybody."
- Kate Reinke - Teacher
"My district really knows the importance of TeachTown. Our Autism Director made it a point to continue TeachTown coming back every year even though there have been a lot of budget cuts."
- Monica Yaegar - Teacher
"TeachTown saves teachers a lot of time in the sense that data recording is a very big part of any special educator’s job. And TeachTown automatically does that for us."
- Kathy Mason - Teacher
"Our students are very willing to sit down and do the sessions on TeachTown…they enjoy it, they laugh, they smile, they’re learning, and the data is indicating there has been growth in their learning."
- Renee Miner - Teacher
"This is a very teacher friendly program."
- Susan Blackham, Autism Specialist
"Most of the IEP goals are supported or can be supported through lessons that TeachTown has already created, both on computer and off computer."
- Monica Yaeger, Teacher
"Our preschool teachers have been very excited about having access to this as a tool."
- Renee Miner, Teacher
"We use TeachTown daily with all of the students."
- Kate Reinke, Teacher
"Behavior problems decrease because the students are totally engaged!"
- Tracy Dodd, Special Education Itinerant Teacher
"TeachTown provides a more meaningful experience for children in the classroom."
- Monica Yaeger, Teacher
"Parents and educators can access the student's progress anytime!"
- Renee Miner, Teacher