Aligning Instruction to Student IEPs

Teachers and facilitators have the ability to align the TeachTown curriculum to individual student goals and objectives. After inputting a student goal in the TeachTown system, facilitators have the ability to assign lessons that address each student’s specific goals. Progress reports and graphs are automatically generated, providing data on student-specific goals that is easily communicated with a student’s educational team and family members.

Easily Create, Align, and Report on Student Progress on IEP

iep goals
Create new or edit existing IEP’s quickly and easily –
or simply copy and paste from your IEP system.

iep goal lessons
By assigning lessons to each IEP goal, teachers ensure that the instruction delivered to each student is addressing student-specific goals and objectives.

iep goals
Choose “IEP Goals” to have your students receive instruction tied to their IEP goals.

iep goals
Access powerful reports documenting your students' time and progress on their IEP goals.