Appropriate for Middle School through Transition-aged Students
BE SAFE is a curriculum to help teens and adults with disabilities learn how to interact appropriately with law enforcement, as well as how to handle emergency situations.

BE SAFE is a video-modeling curriculum for teens and young adults that utilizes evidence-based practices. It provides each student with the appropriate skills necessary to safely and appropriately respond to community officers and professionals, increasing their safety, community integration, and independence. BE SAFE includes comprehensive lesson plans that detail appropriate behaviors when interacting with police officers and other first responders. These lessons teach teens and young adults how to understand and obey commands from law enforcement. BE SAFE also teaches teens and young adults about laws and their rights, such as the right to remain silent. The data collection tool allows teachers to monitor the students’ acquisition of these vital safety skills.
Supporting continuity and intensity of treatment/instruction, TeachTown’s programs keep the teacher in control of what the student is doing – even if being used remotely or in a distance-learning setting.

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Progress Monitoring
Progress Monitoring
Each unit expands upon the key ideas of the matching Episode in BE SAFE The Movie. Each unit is designed to explore and clarify important concepts and aims to help learners relate personally to the information, develop personal safety skills, apply the information to relevant real-life situations, and help meet individual goals. Each Unit includes:

  1. Introduction to the Unit
  2. Ideas for Goals
  3. Activities and Instructions
  4. Materials
  5. Concepts in Action
  6. Additional Resources
Video-modeling episodes
Video-modeling episodes (using live actors and real police officers)
  • Episode 1: Laws Help Us Be Safe
  • Episode 2: Law Enforcement Officers Help Us Be Safe
  • Episode 3: Uniforms and Safety Tools
  • Episode 4: Stay Calm When You Meet the Police
  • Episode 5: Self-Disclosure
  • Episode 6: The Right to Remain Silent
  • Episode 7: Be safe in an Emergency