TeachTown Social Skills
Children often need extra support when it comes to mastering social skills. That’s why we created TeachTown Social Skills. This comprehensive, character- based video-modeling curriculum provide tools and strategies for parents to help their children meet educational goals and complement what their child is learning in the classroom. Features include:
  • Structured lesson plans with fun activities that guide the parent in how to teach and practice the skill
  • Fun, animated videos are engaging and teach socially appropriate behaviors, which serve as a positive model for children
  • Data collection tool provides information to clinicians and school staff on behaviors occurring in the home setting
TeachTown Elementary Social Skills
In TeachTown Elementary Social Skills, students follow the adventures of four fun, relatable animated characters as they learn to cooperate, listen, respect personal space, express emotions appropriately and more. Each target social skill is introduced and illustrated in a 2- to 3-minute animated episode and is part of a series of six days of lessons that include methods for differentiating instruction, generalization activities and homework assignments. TeachTown Social Skills —created by experts — is designed for students who have a minimum language level of 4 years.
Following Rules
Interpersonal Skills
Self-Regulation & Coping
Good Communication
Program Features
Each Target Social Skill Contains
  • An animated episode that is 2-3 minutes in length
  • 5 sequential teacher-driven lessons
  • 1 extension activity lesson plan
  • 1 homework assignment
  • 1 comic book activity
  • 1 worksheet
  • Visual Supports
  • Online Assessment
  • Data Reporting/Data Forms
Lesson Plans
Lesson plans are designed to be implemented daily and sequentially, however implementation can be flexible to meet the diverse needs of classrooms and learners.

Day 1: Priming
Prepare clients to learn the skill

Day 2: Introduction
Introduce animated video model

Day 3: Social Comic
Clients create comic books and retell the story

Day 4: Perspective Taking
Guide clients on taking the characters’ perspectives

Day 5: Generalization Lesson
Teach across environments, people and materials

Day 6: Extension Activity
Guide clients in predicting and implementing alternate solutions
Collecting data is very important, however it can sometimes be difficult when trying to work in a variety of settings. TeachTown Social Skills curriculum has a data tool that helps with data-based interventions, prioritization of target skills and maintenance and generalization.
TeachTown Social Skills provides a comprehensive curriculum that allows the teaching of social skills and social behaviors to be taught in the same way academic skills.
TeachTown Social Skills was designed by professionals with backgrounds in general and special education, developmental and behavioral psychology and speech-language pathology.
Research Base
TeachTown Social Skills is ideal for children with special needs, autism and emotional and social development needs while also proving effective with the entire classroom or school. Parents and guardians working with children that need additional support are thrilled with the progress they make in a variety of situations, settings, and social interactions.
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