TeachTown for Parents and Guardians
TeachTown for Parents and Guardians
TeachTown is committed to helping families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and special needs. We know parents need proven tools and strategies that can help their children meet educational goals and complement and support what their child is learning in the classroom. Through our suite of product offerings, TeachTown’s mission is to support children in promoting and advancing their social-emotional development, academics, independence, and cognitive skills. With TeachTown’s product suite, you can be assured that your child’s progress data is recorded and summarized allowing it to be shared with all members of your child’s support team.
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TeachTown Basics Overview for Parents and Guardians
TeachTown Social Skills Elementary Domains Overview for Parents and Guardians
TeachTown Social Skills Middle School Domains Overview for Parents and Guardians

The Meta-Play Method offers a play-based, systematic approach to fostering the development of imagination and related social and cognitive skills in young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and social and emotional disabilities.

TeachTown Basics provides an ABA- and evidence-based curriculum that addresses the academic, cognitive, and social/emotional challenges faced by students with developmental delays, intellectual disability (ID), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

TeachTown Social Skills
TeachTown Social Skills is a comprehensive, character-based video modeling curriculum that targets a range of social and emotional learning needs in the areas of communication, social interaction, pragmatics, self-management, problem solving and emotional awareness.
The newly combined curriculum targets a total of 85 skills designed to teach socially significant behaviors across the elementary and middle school domains. The beloved TeachTown characters “grow up” during the transition from elementary to middle school ensuring that the 3-4 minute animated episodes continue to provide relevant models as students get older.

BE SAFE is a safety education program that teaches teens and adults with special needs how to interact safely with law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Transition to Adulthood
A comprehensive curriculum designed to teach students with disabilities in secondary and post-secondary programs critical skills to increase independence, community access, and employability.
Support Services
Webinar Training for Parents and Guardians
TeachTown Professional Services Division offers product training for parents via webinars that accommodates busy schedules. This 1-hour, comprehensive training is designed to give parents the information, insights, and skills they need to successfully implement the TeachTown Basics program with their child. The trainer reviews all components of the online curriculum, as well as the generalization lessons that can be implemented in the home environment, and will help the parents set up their child’s account. Parents will also have the opportunity to customize the program, with the guidance of the TeachTown trainer, to fit their child’s individual strengths and needs.

Finally, trainers will share with parents all of the additional supports, including web-based tutorials, scheduling and troubleshooting suggestions, and visual supports, that parents can access as they begin using the program at home. Parents will leave the training not only understanding how the program works but also how to make the program work for their child!

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TeachTown® is committed to actively participate in high-quality research on its programs that address not only the question of what works, but also the question for whom it is effective, as well as what factors moderate program effectiveness.
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